7 Star Energy Rating


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Qld Government has made the decision to defer the introduction of 7 star energy efficiency requirements until 1 May 2024. To find out more information click here.

In September 2022, state and territory building ministers agreed to update the National Construction Code (NCC) to ensure that every new house built in Australia from October 2023 onwards will have a minimum 7-star energy efficiency rating.

Increased energy efficiency means a house should use less electricity or gas for heating and cooling, so with more stars comes smaller energy bills. And according to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), a 7-star rated home will use 25% less energy than a 6-star rated home. While the cost of building materials may rise slightly, the investment in energy efficiency will pay dividends.

Some things to look at are:

Use of more efficient windows (type, glazing, size, orientation)
Different zoning in your home
Utilising more efficient ways to cool down a space (using less electricity) e.g., fans
Smart lighting solutions

A good article to read is https://ncc.abcb.gov.au/news/2022/building-7-stars-top-tips-and-guidance